Skye Davies

My practice recreates the multigenerational domestic spaces I grew up around as recollected through memory. My work is centred around the concept of home. It inherently displays the multicultural visual registers of my Welsh and Caribbean family depicted through colours, objects and patterns displayed within their homes. I work primarily in oil painting, and screen-printing hand-drawn wallpapers.

Inspired by David Hettinger, Tess Newall and John Bokor’s works, my practice draws inspiration from their use of colour and playful, tender renderings of the domestic space.

My family histories and heritage have been passed down through vernacular and memory recollection; traditions, people, and spaces are patched together as a metaphorical quilt that has travelled through each generation. Fascinated with details both seen and remembered, my work acts as a love letter to my family and their respective domestic spaces. The spaces I depict float between truth and recollection and toe the line between fact and imagination.

Instagram: @skyedaviesartist