Rhiannon Piper

Rhiannon Piper is an accomplished oil painter whose practice deeply intertwines with the rich history of art, particularly the techniques and aesthetics of the Baroque period. At the core of her work is a meticulous, self-sufficient process – Rhiannon creates her own paints from dry pigments and meticulously prepares her canvases by hand. This hands-on approach not only imbues her work with a profound connection to her materials, but also serves as a bridge between traditional methods and contemporary artistic expression.

Over the past four years, Rhiannon’s primary focus has been self-portraiture, a genre she explores through a critical and intensely introspective lens. Her self-portraits are not mere representations, but complex narratives about self-perception and the nuances of identity. In these works, Rhiannon confronts the inherent biases and preconceptions an artist brings to the depiction of the self, striving to transcend these through a rigorous examination of her own persona and artistic practice. This journey of self-representation is deeply influenced by Piper’s fiercely independent nature, reflecting her preference to rely solely on herself as both subject and creator.

Rhiannon’s paintings draw heavy inspiration from the rich textures and dramatic contrasts that define Baroque art, which she innovatively incorporates into modern imagery. Her work does not simply replicate historical aesthetics, but rather reinterprets them, infusing contemporary themes and personal introspection into the traditional forms. The result is a captivating synthesis of old and new, where the artist’s unique vision and technical mastery seamlessly converge.

Website: www.rhiannonpiper.com

Instagram: @rpa_studio