Mathilda Doubleday

Fascinated by the unpredictability of their chemical interactions, I view the ceramic materials with which I work as partners in collaboration. As the glazed surface metamorphoses in the heat of the kiln, my practice is forced to become an exercise in letting go and embracing the transformative qualities of fire. Inspired by the cellular structures of organic matter, I build ceramic sculptures that evoke the balance between symmetry and asymmetry found in microscopic forms.

Much of my recent work is prompted by a growing curiosity surrounding the world of fungi and mycelium: the intricate web of tubular structures that constitute fungal networks. Ever-branching, growing and fusing, the mycelial network is not just a fascinating ecological system but functions as a pervasive metaphor for new modes of thinking, challenging conventional hierarchical and binary constructs of knowledge.

My ceramic forms, whose hollow branches diverge and intertwine to form labyrinthine structures, take this network as a starting point from which to consider the intricacies of interconnected life.