Jazmin Ria Camilleri

As a textile sculptor, I am drawn to the transformative power of everyday materials, weaving them into narratives that challenge conventional perceptions. My practice is a fusion of traditional techniques and experimental processes, resulting in pieces that evoke both familiarity and intrigue.

Inspired by the complexities of familial relationships, textile vulvas signify the intricacies of maternal bonds and personal identity. Each stitch tells a story, weaving together threads of resilience and reconciliation. Central to my practice is the creation of immersive installations that invite viewers to explore the interplay between memory, emotion, and domesticity. Through the medium of a tipi tent, constructed from repurposed curtains, I reimagine the home as a site of both comfort and conflict. Poetry serves as a chronicle of my emotional journey, from anticipation to acceptance. The juxtaposition of soft, feminine textiles with the structural integrity of the tipi form reflects the duality of my experience as both nurturer and nurtured.

Through my work, I seek to challenge societal norms and reclaim feminine narratives, transforming the domestic sphere into a space for introspection and healing. Like the threads that bind my sculpture, my art serves as a reminder of the resilience required to confront and overcome the complexities of familial strife.

Instagram: @jazmin.riart