Georgia Jones 

My artwork is primarily concerned with human experience; whether captured in the art itself or the process of viewing Amongst my projects, whether through the refined brushstrokes of classical portraiture or the frenetic energy of contemporary rave culture, the thematic underpinning speaks to the power of art. To transcend barriers and unite diverse audiences in shared experiences.  

This year my practice immerses itself in the realm of music and subculture; specifically the rave scene. The hedonism that exists at the gatherings verifies the transformative power of music, as well as the broader, inclusive historical context that surrounds this culture. Technically my practice blends a combination of photography and oil paint, alongside conceptual exploration in hope to capture this expressive space and visually document the collective identity that emerges. The unpredictability amongst the pulsating lights, kaleidoscopic colours and palpable energy. The way a mass crowd synchronises to become a single throbbing organism, despite this rich tapestry of eclectic personalities, the core ethos of inclusivity has prevailed throughout the decades. It remains a space where communities come care-free, that disrupts time and fosters a sense of solidarity that transcends the barriers of race, gender and class.

Instagram: @art.georgiajones