Eris Guilliam

As a neurodivergent, queer artist my work is often fuelled by an intense interest in a certain subject matter or social cause. Much of my work is inspired by both my lived experiences and a thirst for knowledge, I value personal growth and want to inspire this in the audience.

I am both an art practitioner and a spiritual practitioner, these two areas of my life have naturally merged to create work inspired by my spiritual practice. The current aims of my art practice are to personally process my personal spiritual journey and to present my knowledge and experiences to an audience, with hopes to destigmatize and inspire.

I aim to educate the audience on what a spiritual journey means/looks like through photography and video making, such as creating a short documentary. These methods are more direct; better for informing an audience on the subject. However, when it comes to more abstract elements of my spiritual practice, such as visions seen in meditation, I prefer to share these experiences through painting where their abstract nature can be depicted.