Danni Yao

I am an artist that use sociological and psychological methodologies to critically examine the diverse restrictions and boundaries present in society. Typically, I examine these limitations in their inherent condition and strive to comprehend the perception of the repercussions they entail. My creative process is always initiated by a tiny incident in daily life, typically a predicament, that serves as my inspiration. Subsequently, a comprehensive examination is conducted to identify a resolution and eventually deliver it.

I engage in the utilization of various artistic mediums, including oil paints and clay, and have lately embarked upon a novel endeavor: the realm of hand-drawn animation.

While I am still uncertain about my goals as I explore my creative path, I aim for my work to function as a cautionary tale or a warning to others. Regardless of the specific artistic medium, it acts as a reminder of the realities of our world.

Instagram: @dan.ninini