Ava da Costa Freeman

I work primarily in textiles and found objects. An aim of my work is to repurpose materials that might otherwise be discarded. I am constantly collecting common ‘trash’ materials, upon which I bestow renewed purpose within my tapestry.

I have a magpie mindset in my constant collection of things. My eye is drawn to tactility; reflection, shine, spike, weave, transparency and translucency. And notably, my eye is drawn to branding. In this age of consumerism my magpie mind is sparked by a logo, and I find myself utilising branded material in my upcycling of ‘trash’.

Repurposing and upcycling unexpected materials allows me to interfere with the predetermined life cycle of my collected trash and I can play god, redefining it as treasure. This beautification of what would ordinarily be discarded encourages a different way of seeing and acts as a wider remark on our relationship with disposal; fast fashion as fast ‘trashion’.

Combining my conceptual inspiration from the artforms of readymades and bricolage, and my visual inspiration from designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Schiaparelli, my work aims to engage in an interplay of art and fashion. Merging couture, expensive materials with lowly materials, such as condoms and can lid tabs, my work exists within juxtaposition and irony.

My work foremost aims to be a feast for the eyes; hungry eyes can scan the work and engorge on the interplay of all the disparate parts, feasting on texture, colour, and combination.

Instagram: @aavaartt